Sound Sculptured Ceramics

We have now reached the stage in which we have began prototyping, and in turn have made a video to portray our concept idea. We can also introduce to you the name of our design “Sound Sculptured Ceramics“.

Firstly, as part of this weeks hand-in we built a sketch prototype. It is an MDF build, with three bearings inserted allowing it to turn as a pottery wheel would and  finally hands that simulate our sculpting device. We intend on this functioning by use of an equaliser, with LDR‘s picking up light signals and powering the mechanics of the sculpturing hands and movement of the pottery wheel.

Our aim is to use sound as an input, use an equaliser on a laptop as a processor and generate a beautifully sculpted output. We hope the sculpted models will reflect the music, giving sound a physical presence.

In addition, we designed a Concept Board that illustrates our idea in an A3 format. Click the link to have a look. Ceramic Concept

And finally, after hours of sculpting plasticine, capturing 291 photos, panning, zooming, adjusting and editing here is our 60 second video.


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