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Sound & Emotion: Tried and Tested

After doing a bit of snooping around and thinking about sound we seem to be settling on this idea of emotion and sound. We wondered how far people have delved into our area interest and found two examples that particularly stood out to us because they ran parallel to our initial thoughts.

The first thing we found is called the Amen Break ScarfCreated by the artist Andrew Salomone, it is a scarf he knitted based on a sample of the Amen Break. He took a sample of the waveform pattern and converted into a bitmapped knitting pattern which he then uploaded into a hacked knitting machine. The knitting pattern repeats over and over the same way the amen break sample gets looped in so many musical compositions. The results are fantastic!

Another source of inspiration is the research done by frogdesign, famous for design Apple products. They have become obsessed with Synesthesia, Greek for “union of the senses”. It is a neurological condition in which two or more sensory experiences are inextricably linked in an individual. Imagine how much richer your world would be if you experience the sound of D-minor through touch or vision. You could enjoy all your favourite songs through richly layered colours and textures. It’s something to think about. And interestingly enough, people who have natuaral synesthesia tend to be pitch perfect. How great would it be to make this gift accessible to anyone!

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