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Resolved Technical Prototype

After the success of the servos working together with the LDR’s we have been able to start combining our spiral form with our electronics. Below is the first run with us connecting our sculpting arms with the servos.

From this prototype test we were able to make the most informed adjustments. We designed another set of sculpting arms for variety and that better connect with the clay. The programme was also altered to react every 2 seconds rather than a quarter of a second as before. This was to reduce strain on the servos and also create a groove effect on the clay. ¬†Below is the improved prototype playing to Aloe Blacc’s – I need a Dollar.

Our next step is to strengthen the servo motors and create supports for them. When we are satisfied with their strength we can begin creating outputs from clay!

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Naoto Fukasawa – MUJI CD Player

Naoto Fukasawa is a Japanese industrial designer who created the ‘Without Thought’ design philosophy. He uses entrenched human behaviour to create pieces people will instinctively be able to interact with, without the need for explanation.

His MUJI CD player is a great example of this subconscious interaction. His reasoning behind the pull cord idea was to re-enact the motion and psychology associated with a pull cord fan. He wished the user to walk into a room and pull the cord instinctively. Their mind would then prepare them for the cool breeze of air and instead they would be hit with the flow of music instead.

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