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Let’s Make Lemonade

So far we’ve been able to FIND an area of interest and a nice little concept. We’ve had time to PLAY with it and see what can be done. Now it’s time to MAKE it happen.

Arguably the most chaotic phase of design process, it’s time to start planning! Trust us, you’re going to want to plan, or else you’ll be faced with a last minute panic trying to get parts the night before the hand in! Even if you get them you still have to put it together. And it doesn’t end there. Once it’s all put together is it going to work? Or are we going to have to endure the embarrassment of presenting a piece of shit that doesn’t do what we’ve been building up to these past months!

As I write this we’re contemplating where our parts are going to come from. We have a contact who may have “something to spin the clay” for us… sounds promising. And we have 2 out of the 4 servo motors we’re looking for… We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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